Posted: April 30, 2009 in Christian



Hail to the King
Hail to the King
Hail to the One
who reigns in heaven for eternity

Hail to the King
Hail to the King
Lord glorified
You came and died
So the world could live

Jesus saviour reigns forever more
In my soul, In my soul
I throw my life before Your holy throne
And all the world will see Your kingdom come

Hail to the King
Hail to the king
I lift my eyes to the One
Who gave it all to save me


Through christ You first loved me
Be no greater price tahn this
The One who died for me
Rose from death I stand redeemed

Now we sing Salvation’s song
For the Saviour’s perfect love
Cleansed my soul in mercies deep
Blessed grace delivers me

Hallelujah, He is greater
Hallelujah, Jesus my saviour

Strength and hope for all our days
Faith to move the mountains clear
Priceless love You give to us
Is not bound by what we do

The blodd of Jesus set me free
Great love paid this price for me
His life He gave, love remains
Holy Lord


Accepted, highly favoured of the Lord
Forgiven, by Your love I am transformed
It’s not what I do, but what You’ve done for me
And by Your grace
Oh God I stand
With my head held high

I receive Your love
I receive Your love for me
I receive Your love
I know I am accepted

Establised ever vlameless in Your Son
Forever, I am chosen to be loved
It’s not by my works but by your work in me
And by Your grace
Oh God I stand
With my head held high

Behold all things have been made new
My past has gone, my shame removed
You gave Your Son
Your love for me
Now at the cross, I’ve been made free


Cover me
In stillness You are welcome here
Comfort me
And teach me Lord to know Your peace

I look to the cross
Lord let me see your love anew
There I find peace
There I find peace again

Draw me near
Into your arms the strenght I know
Lift my soul
To rest in you
My only hope

The Lord my light and my salvation
Of whom then shall i be afraid
I’ll never be the same

I’ll never be the same again
in You i find peace again


God of eternity You reign
With justice and mercy
truth and grace
Gift of salvation to the lost
And by Your word build Your church
And by your kingdom will know no end

Let Your voice be heard
In all of the earth
Let this generation rise to be
Your glorious church, hope to the nation
Let this generation rise now

For such a time as this we’ve come
To carry the cause of Christ freedom
Lord raise us up to be your light
Your answer of hope to all of the world
And Your kingdomwil know no end

Now is the time, right now
Your church will arise now


We are Your light
We’re gonna shine God
And be the answer to
The hurt and broken
This generation
We lead the all to You

Givin’ our lives
For what we know
And believe in You
Now is the time
We’ll show the world
You’re the way and the truth

The declaration, of Your salvation
Is life lived complete in You
no more a stranger, to God the answer
We give our all to You

Your church wil rise to be
The hands to reach
The lost and meet the unmet need
We will be a revolution
we take a stand today
And put our hands to what we know
Oh God we pray
We will be a revolution

And Your love will remain for all the world
For Your grace never fails
It’s undeserved


There is love that I know
A strenght for the weak
And the broken heart
My Sepherd and King
I find You within me
For You are here

You carried the cross for the world
Gathered the lost and the fatherless
My Shepherd and king
I find You within me
For You are here
My Lord forever
You are here

In this place, You are here
By Your mercy, I draw near
In my heart take, Your place
You are here

Your world is the light of the earth
Your glory resound in the universe
My Shepherd and King
I find You within me
For You are here
You are here

The same power
That conquered the grave
Lives in me, Lives in me
Your love
That rescued the earth
Lives in me, Lives in me


Your name, oh Lord, endures forever
Your fame, oh Lord, for all time
Your presence, Lord, will leave me never
Your love, oh Lord, is all mine

To whom by wisdom made the heavens
And His mercy everlasting
to the one who gives salvation
I lift up my soul to You

Jesus Saviour holy Lord

I know that You’ll never forsake me
Or leave me alone
My redeemer, Jesus Christ
You sacrificed Yourself on the cross
To bring me home
You brought me home


What is this love
Given to us
That saved my life
Through selfless sacrifice

Although we fail
The Cross prevails
Forgiveness stands
You take me back again

You’ve shown me life
You’ve opened my eyes
So I give You my praise
Yeah I give You my all
You’ve shown me life
You’ve opened my eyes
To the truth that there’s no greater love

Now i n the darkness,
God’s light shines
Christ forever, glorified
So come on, come on
Sing out to God
Now with all we’ve got
We live for You our God

Salvation’s strong
In Christ alone
The Saviour King, alone in victory
I step aside
Give You my life
For You to move
Do what you want to do

I can’t imagine a life without you
Without You
‘Cause it’s all for you
Yeah it’s all for You God


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