Following list of 10 foods that are initially healthy food, but after it became too commercialized waste

Posted: May 1, 2009 in News n Funs

Following list of 10 foods that are initially healthy food, but after it became too commercialized waste.
1. Pizza
Not only we in Indonesia, even the United States signed in the pizza category junk food. It could be due to confusion with the ads on television. While in their home country, Italy, have flour laws that regulate how the composition ideally made pizza. It determine from the type of, tomatoes, mozzarella, to olive oil. Food process, if appropriate conditions are more practical food rich nutrition. Unfortunately, many start a pizza commercial, so too is treated contains too much fat, calories, sodium, but low-nutrition.
Commercial Organic
2. Vegetables
Organic vegetable is a good idea. Some farmer plant organic movement started, avoiding pesticides and chemical fertilizers. How to nature plant it. However, after 30 years passed away, organic plant products into the case. A number of major franchises want excess profit. As a result produced organic food waste such as organic milk, organic vegetables, all labeled. Is that healthy consumption, sometimes doubt? The term “organic” label is often just as stark.
3. Cereal
Cereals ideally made from wheat, oat or rice. The idea is food for humans. Abortion is protein, healthy fat and vitamins. Unfortunately, began to flare producers of food ingredients that add sugar, corn syrup, salt, dried foods and the like. The material is what makes cereals become waste in our bodies.
4. Fresh Bread
Fresh bread that is harmful to the health of the material is not healthy. This is precisely the many circulating in the developed countries like the U.S. The contain flour with sugar, corn syrup, even a number of additional material not useful. Abortion makes people risk suffering Obesity and diabetes because once eaten will directly converted into blood sugar called glucose. Glucose is working hard to make pancreas and damage to surrounding organs. Cook healthy made with flour and water with a little salt and yeast.
5. Popcorn
Corn is healthy, has high iron, low calories and less sugar, salt and fat. Unfortunately, now it is the womb of sugar, fat and salt is very unusual. Far better to set up your own popcorn at home with a mixture of salt and sugar restrain.
6. Russet potatoes
This is the type of potatoes used to make French fries. Fries potatoes that we know is a delicious snack. Russet potato size larger than regular potatoes, but also cheaper. After analysis, if the potato consume quickly convert into blood sugar and trigger diabetes and Obesity. Because it is flat, many manufacturers add sugar and salt to this material.
7. Green Tea
Trusted nutritious prevent cancer, a lot of green tea consumed in Asia, including Indonesia. Tea contains antioxidants and other components that he said reduces the risk of cancer, heart attack, and even create ageless. Now a lot of green tea sold in bottles packaging, plus a variety of taste so interesting. Substances such as sugar, the taste and preservative that adding thus making green tea drinks is not healthy.
8. Canned Sup
The soup is a healthy food, if it present in uterus with fresh vegetables and spices balanced composition. However, people sometimes prefer a practical, so buy canned soup. Originally canned soup are also ideal, unfortunately, long-time producer of the only profit only. One canned soup can contain 100 milligrams sodium, and excessive salt, fat and other chemicals and substances. Of course, materials are far from the definition of healthy.
9. Yogurt
Correct that yogurt healthy food made from the fermentation process the bacteria. Protein high calcium and vitamins give effect to the body. Run in many supermarkets sold branded yogurt packaging. Usually contain a lot of sugar and processed fruit, and masquerade as healthy food.
10. Nugget Fish
Fish is healthy. So many temptations offered products in the form of fish and IM seems delicious. Nugget fish or fish that have been processed ago with enough food ready to fry now tempt us to buy. Indeed, practical, no need to clean up the raw fish with smell and dirty. Do not wrong; this type of fish is more salt and fat contents. If it is so, would the positive value of fish is nearly no more left.


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