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Jobs is a must for people to stay alive because people can earn money and fulfil their daily life needs. We can classify jobs into two parts, there are white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs. White-collar jobs are jobs which need certain educational backgrounds and special skills. The examples of white-collar jobs are a movie actor, an accountant, etc. Then, blue-collar jobs or 3D’s jobs are jobs which don’t need certain educational background. A 3D’s worker is an unskilled or semiskilled labor. Hawker is one of the examples. Hawkers are a group of people derived from many people working as good, food, or service traders in public places in the floor in front of the house and on the left-right shoulder of streets whereas kinds of that places should be used for public services. Hawkers can give many bad effects to their environment. Hawkers can create waste and traffic jam problems and of course, hawkers’ problems make some people in society feel unsafe and uncomfortable environment. Since hawkers with their many reasons give many bad effects to the road and to the environment, hawkers’ problems need immediate actions.

I The Reasons Why People Want To Be Hawkers
There are many reasons why people become hawkers. According to Alisjahbana, there are seven reasons why people become hawkers. There, I am going to mention the first two reasons only. First, people become hawkers is because of the bad condition of Indonesia’s economy. Since the economic crisis has attacked Indonesia, people are hard in getting a job. Thus, they think by becoming a hawker is better than not having a job because they can earn some money so that they can still fulfil their daily needs. The other reason is they don’t have special skills to get a job. Because people don’t need special skills in becoming hawkers, many people become hawkers.

II The Effects of Hawkers’ Problems
A. The Effects to The Road
One of the effects of hawkers is their impacts to the road. The impacts are the length of the road becomes short because some of hawkers usually take part of the body of road. Then, hawkers selling raw seafood on the shoulder of the road also can erode the road and it can make a new road problem. The quality of the road which erode can become bad. This matter happens because most of those kind of hawkers throw away the water of seafood which contains mainly of salt to the road while according to the research, salt water can erode the road asphalt because the salt water can react with the asphalt.

B. The Effects to The Environment
1. In The System of Transportation
Another effect of hawkers is what it does to the transportation system. Hawkers make traffic jams everywhere. The traffic jams happen because hawkers use road outside the function such as they take the shoulder of the road, even the body of road and their acts can disturb the transportation of people, goods, and services while according to UU No.14/1992 section 62 stated “Whomever use road outside the function as road, or carry out activity by using road without permit as referred to in section 25 punished with coop crime at longest one month or fine at the farthest Rp 1.000.000,- (one million rupiahs )”. Meanwhile, If traffic jams happen continously, many layers of society will feel the disadvantages. Other people will loose their money, time, and power if traffic jams happen. We must remember that time is money so if hawkers cause traffic jams, it means that hawkers have made other people loose their money.

2. In The Quantity of Garbage
Hawkers also affect the amount of garbage in their environment. The amount of garbage that the hawkers produce is not in a little amount. We know that garbage can give bad effects to the environment because garbage not only can make the environment become unpleasant panoramas but also can give a source of diseases to people. It means that if the government and people don’t take immediate actions to overcome this problems, people will infect diseases easily, such as diarrhoea, a skin rash, etc.

III The Ways to Overcome Hawkers’ Problems
A. By unphysical ways
We can solve hawkers’ problems by doing unphysical ways. There are three ways. First, we can give the urban ethic socialization to hawkers. We should do this way to persuade hawkers in order that they can relocate to other places because they realize that what they do is something that can make other people get the disadvantages. Then, another way is the government must include hawkers in every government’s decision so that the government and hawkers will find better solution which can give benefits to each other. The last but not least is that the government should create a good system of hawkers. If the government succeed in creating a good system of hawkers, actually, it can give benefits to the development of a city or a country. The examples are Bandung and Yogyakarta.

B. By Physical ways
Another way to solve hawkers’ problems is by doing physical ways. First, the government should relocate hawkers to other places which don’t disturb activities of society. Then, the places not only should have strategic area but also shouldn’t have far distance with the first hawkers place. According to kelompok geoteknik, to be choosen as a suitable place for relocating hawkers, the place should require the following criterias. There are:
– The location shouldn’t have far distance with the first hawkers place
– A place should have enough empty space for hawkers to reduce the activities of hawkers on the left-right shoulder of streets and on the body of road
– The function of place must be for trading area
– The location mustn’t disturb the traffic.
Another example is by building a place for hawkers to trade their goods, foods, or services. Then, the government can also build a kind of fence between pavement and the shoulder of road. The existence of this fence is to make hawkers able to trade their goods and at the same time, hawkers don’t disturb the users of road.

The Front Side of Fence Design
The Lie Accross Side of Fence Design
Besides that, the government should add the number of garbage places which have large volume of garbages so it can minimize the scattered garbage on the road in their environment. And the last is the government should also add the number of garbage dispatch tools.

In summary, hawkers’ problems need immediate actions that the government and society should do as soon as possible because if the government and society don’t do immediate actions, hawkers’ problems will create serious problems to the environment and other aspects of life. But one thing that we should know is although hawkers give many bad effects to the environment and other aspects of life, we also must know that hawkers also give many possitive effects like hawkers not only can reduce the number of unemployment but also can make easier for people to get what people want from people needs. Because of that, the government and society mustn’t solve hawkers’ problems by preventing them to trade their goods, foods, or services but the government, society, and hawkers should talk about hawkers’ problems by involving hawkers in every government’s decision about how to solve hawkers’ problems so each can get the benefits.


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Written by:
Jefri Putra Hutagalung
Civil Engineering Student
Univeristy of Indonesia

It presented in LBPP LIA to achieve Advance certificate of General English Class

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    mein aapke kaam se khush hui.Aura mein aasha karta hui ki aapke kamo se desh mein ek naya badlab aayega

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