I have this article from someone place n it makes me quite interesting..

so i want to share with all of you..

Change management is the set of processes, tools and practices that are used to manage the people side of a change. Change management is the bridge between “implementing a solution” and an organization ultimately realizing the benefits associated with the change . Thus, we can use change management as a tool to deal with change. There are three laws in change management adapted from Isaac Newton Law of Motion which are :
1. overcoming the natural inertia in organizations requires constant application of the forces for change
2. the greater the inertia or resistance to change, the greater the required forces of change
3. the way that change agents treat resisters is the way that resisters will treat change agents
From those principles, we know that we need forces of change to face the resistance to change and our treatment to the resisters is important.

There are ten steps to transform company quickly, face the resistance, treats all employees carefully which are :
1. Address the “human side” systematically
Change management approach should be fully integrated into program design and decision making.
2. Start at the top
The leaders themselves must embrace the new approaches first, both to challenge and motivate the rest of organization.
3. Involve every layer
Because change affects different levels of company, change efforts must include plans for identifying leaders throughout company and pushing responsibility for design and implementation down.
4. Make the formal case
Articulation of formal case and written vision statement are invaluable opportunities to create leadership-team alignment.
5. Create ownership
Ownership is best created by involving people in identifying problems and crafting solutions.
6. Communicate the message
The best change programs reinforce core messages through regular and timely advice that is both practicable and inspirational.
7. Assess the cultural landscape
Cultural diagnostic can assess organizational readiness to change, bring major problem to surface, identify conflicts, and define factors that recognize and influence sources of leadership and resistance.
8. Address culture explicitly
Once a culture is understood, it must be addressed thoroughly to company in change program.
9. Prepare for the unexpected
Effectively managing change requires continual reassessment of its impact and the organization’s willingness and ability to adopt the next wave of transformation.
10. Speak to the individual
People will react to what they see and hear, and need to be involved in change process.

this is the first time that i know about change management..I hope it can be useful for all of you..


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