Posted: February 2, 2014 in SAY NO TO DRUGS
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Indonesia has been 68 years become independent country and build its either era or ethic with Pancasila, UUD 1945, and Bhineka Tungga Ika as national ideolgy. One of major problems that Indonesia government has been faced since 1960 is drugs abuse.

As we know, drugs is a substance or remedy which intoxcated or a substance or remedy which can make us lost consiousness because this substance worked to affect our central nerve structures especially our brain. As we know too, drugs can assigne to be some kinds like opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana, coccain, and etc while people can devide them again to more specific shapes like opium. Opium can be devided again into raw opium, processed opium, and etc.

Drugs actually are substances which are used in medical world and it is really useful to give relaxation to our body, to be hypertension medicine, and to be used for insomnia person (Depresant drugs such as oploid), increase stamina and immune system (stimulant drugs such as coccaine and amphetamin), etc. Since 1960’s in Indonesia, many people do drugs abuse while it must be used under the doctor’s prescription in order that people don’t use this things randomly because of its bad effect. I don’t know why drugs is very popular in this world and many people use this whereas it is not good either for their body or their soul. Overdosis of using drugs can make death. In short term, drugs can make us loose our weight, make us feel hallucinating for awhile, make us always want to use drugs (candu), etc. Another consequence is you can get many complications of diseases in your body like skin rash, lung disease, heart attack, cancer, AIDS, etc. When drugs users are in addicted condition, the drugs user will feel “sakau”, loose his/her consiousness, extremely worried feeling, etc. If that condition happens, drugs users can take any ways to get drugs such as doing criminal act, “sell” her/his body by having sex to others people, etc.

There are many people have become drugs users not only mature people but also immature people such as student. It’s very dangerous for the students and for this country too if it happens for a long time. Meanwhile, this country have to build its economy. Why do I say that? Because the atudents are the young generations from this country. How can Indonesia be advance countrylike japan if the young generations from this country always use drugs and don’t care for themselves and kill themselves slowly because the result of using drugs.
They maybe don’t know what are the consequences if they use drugs but I will tell a little explanation about that. Can you imagine that, if you die what about people around you whom you love, you can’t see them again.

According to riset, the reasons why people use drugs because they have less love from family, flattery from their friends, stress, or just want to give a trial which make them slowly but sure to be addicted with drugs.

Because drugs Aare very dangeorous, we must be carefull about this and for that we can do preventive action to push down drugs user numbers Preventive actions must make people aware and careful of the dangerous of drugs. The actions must do integrally and dinamically. Preventive actions can do in many social environment steps such as familiy, education either formal or nonformal organization, NGO (Non Governmental Organization), community organization, social organization, mass media, etc. From many social environment steps, I think, family steps is the best way as preventive action of drugs abuse. in family steps, we can do preventive actions of drugs abuse by :
– making family member to be disciplined
– making harmony situation between mother, father, and children with greatest love
– Giving children trust and responsibility with guidance from parents
– Giving a chance and reward to what the children think and said in many problems
– Giving the children do what their hobbies
– Giving special time continously of attention to children in any situation either busy or no
– Giving explanation to children of the dangerous of drugs and effects of drugs abuse
– Checking the children things quitely to prevent the children having drugs

In repressive action, the government must punish the supplier with hard punishment then close drugs factory and cut off the drugs trade. This repressive action must do integrally by coordinating with national society, regional society, and international society.

Rahabilitation place is the best place for drugs abuse users. However, the important thing is the drugs users can survive and recover. This situation needs parents attention and social environment participation to give courage, chance, motivation, and hope.


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